1st Stage Consultation Complete!

Comment writing tips

When writing a comment keep it to 500 words or less. This is the amount of words that the Boundary Commission is looking for (using their own online submission form). Be specific about what changes you would like to see, or about what you approve of.

The Boundary Commission are a non-political body, and they don't care about your concerns that changes are not "fair" on one party, or favour another. Don't waste time by using these as reasons for opposing or supporting the changes.

Good and valid reasons for supporting or opposing any changes in this review are, for example, a ward being moved in to a constituency who's population may or may not share the same day to day concerns that your ward does, or finding your ward will be represented by an MP that is less or more likely to undertand the issues your ward faces.

Try to talk about reasons that are general to those who live around you, and not just to yourself. Reasons that only apply to you as an individual are unlikely to be seen as relevant as those reasons that apply to everyone on your street, postcode or town.